We aim for a greener tomorrow with completely clean energy solutions

At Qcells, we believe in the power of clean, renewable energy to create a sustainable future for all. As a leading solar energy company, we are committed to developing innovative and efficient products that not only meet the energy needs of today but also contribute to a greener tomorrow. 

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond manufacturing high-quality solar panels and batteries. We actively participate in numerous initiatives aimed at creating positive environmental and social impacts, particularly in communities that need it the most. 

Jukdo island, Korea

The Jukdo Project

Thanks to Hanwha Group and Qcells, the Jukdo island, with 70 residents who depended entirely on diesel fuel for electricity, has turned into a 100% energy self-sufficient island, generating electricity mainly from solar.

100% Energy self-sufficient
210kW Solar System Installed
200 tons Carbon Reduction a Year
Davos Congress Center, Switzerland

Greener Davos Initiative

Contribution to the World Economic Forum via donation of a PV system comprising 640 Qcells Q.PEAK modules. Combined, these modules deliver 340 kWp of solar electricity, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 75 typical Swiss households. The system creates enough energy to replace more than 20 tons of CO₂ emissions each year.

640 Solar Modules
340 kW Solar Power System
20 tons Est. CO2 Savings/yr
Korea, China, Mongolia

Hanwha Solar Forest Campaign

Since 2011, Qcells has been continuously participating in the ‘Hanwha Solar Forest’ Campaign, where Hanwha Group creates eco-friendly forests with seedlings grown using solar power to respond to desertification and fine dust issues.

Through the campaign, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021, Hanwha Group created eight forests in Korea, China and Mongolia and planted about 500,000 trees. This campaign was introduced at the 2011 United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) COP Summit as the world’s first corporate campaign utilizing solar energy to prevent desertification.

500,000 Trees Planted
8 Forest Created
1,779 kW Solar Power System
Mekong River, Vietnam

Clean Up Mekong Campaign

In 2019, Qcells donated solar modules to the ‘Clean Up Mekong’ campaign conducted by Hanwha Group. Clean Up Mekong is a campaign which provided two solar-powered waste-collecting boats to Vinh Long, Vietnam, to help remove floating waste from the river in an
environmentally-friendly manner.

Up to 100 Tons of Garbage Collected Each Year
210 kW Solar Power System

Happy sunshine Campaign

Hanwha Qcells also cooperates with Hanwha Group on the ’Happy Sunshine’ campaign, an eco-friendly social contribution program designed to help combat climate change while offering communities the tools they need to become more energy self-sufficient.

The program provides social welfare centers in Korea and abroad with free solar power generation equipment.

Since 2011, Hanwha Group has donated 2,187 kW of photovoltaic systems to 320 social welfare facilities in Korea, driving sustainable energy adoption in communities in need by leveraging its solar businesses’ expertise and world-class technology.

Hanwha Group has also donated solar power generation systems to elementary schools in the Qinghai and Hubei provinces of China.

Hanwha Group’s donations not only provide the schools with a continuous source of reliable electricity, but they have also helped improve the schools’ overall conditions and enabled students and teachers to better understand the true value of sustainable development.

2,187 kW Solar System Installed
320 Social Welfare Centers