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Solar panels

Whatever the weather, the solar module offers excellent low-light and temperature behaviour. It combines cutting edge cell separation and an innovative design to keep your energy plentiful and constant.
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Home battery

Qcells’ third generation energy storage system Q.HOME CORE integrates a solar inverter and batteries (with Samsung SDI battery cells) and offers a market-leading 15 years warranty.
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Monitoring app

Qcells monitoring app, Q.OMMAND, provides complete transparency for your solar panels, battery and home electricity.
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Providing all-in-one energy solutions tailored to unique energy needs with our hardware and software products.

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Solar Panels


Excellent so far and no issues at all. Performing as expected.

After 1 year of use, we have seen the benefits of our solar system and sized it correctly. Our quarterly bills have been in the single digits and that’s with a fair bit of rain/cloudy days.
The QCells panels quite regularly push our inverter to its max 8.28kw.

Solar Panels


Panels are giving me 5.6 kw peak on my system, with some panels facing in different directions. No downtime so far, 17000 EV Kms driven with mostly solar power since August 2022. Beats Diesel and Petrol equivalent costs. If i take that into consideration, the system will pay for itself in short order.



The battery is mounted next to the inverter at approximately eye-level on an exterior wall. Both components are matching and eye-pleasing in appearance, dust proof and shower resistant. They are also adjacent to the switchboard so any necessary work or adjustments can be done easily if required.

Solar Panels


Excellent performance, delivered a really low power bill even through the winter months when the panels spent a lot of time in the shade.



Only one day in but working exactly as expected and the savings are already stacking up!