Qcells will take part in an energy research project in partnership with Energex

Qcells will take part in an energy research project in partnership with Energex

Sep 22 2022

Qcells has partnered with Energex to help manage the ever-transforming electricity network and to provide electricity to Queenslanders in a safe, reliable and affordable way.

Energex has developed a proposed new residential network electricity tariff and we are assisting Energex to test and evaluate through tariff trials. These trials will provide valuable insights into customer behaviours, responses, and associated bill impacts. This critical information will help inform the design of future electricity tariffs.

If you:

  • reside in South East Queensland;
  • purchase a Qcells battery;
  • switch to an Arcstream by Qcells energy plan; and
  • join the Arcstream by Qcells virtual power plant (VPP),

you may be eligible to participate in the trial and receive $1,000 in cash rewards over 12 months, by completing three online surveys and taking part in a focus group at the end.

The Arcstream energy plan provides a flat subscription rate energy plan, with an additional $30 in monthly VPP credits, and a monthly energy usage threshold, much like a mobile data plan or internet broadband plan. The plan does away with complicated daily supply charges and variable rates, which frees the battery owner to use their own solar whenever they need, without any behavioural changes.

The subscription plan is sized to suit your household energy usage and, solar and battery capacity, anticipating that your own solar will cover around 80% of your energy needs. An additional free 200kWh per month of grid energy will be covered by Arcstream by Qcells with green-offset energy. And like a mobile data or broadband plan, for those months where an extra-large amount of electricity usage is required, additional green grid energy can be purchased for a competitive 30c per kWh.

Energex will be testing and evaluating this subscription plan against other types of energy plans over a 12 month period to understand how to manage the electricity network in a way that provides Queenslanders with safe, reliable and affordable electricity whilst allowing for an increasing amount of residential solar as part of the energy mix.


To join the Energex Tariff Trial, get a quote for a Qcells battery and switch to an Arcstream by Qcells energy plan and we will be in contact with you before 15 January 2023 to invite you to participate.


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