Qcells launch financing option to speed up Australia’s green energy transition

Qcells launch financing option to speed up Australia’s green energy transition

Oct 12 2022

Qcells Australia partners with finance provider Plenti to offer innovative finance solutions announce for solar batteries, which will provide more Australians with access to more affordable renewable energy solutions 

(Sydney, 10 October 2022) With the mission of creating a greener tomorrow with completely clean energy solutions, leading solar company Qcells has launched an exclusive finance partnership for its home solar, energy storage, and virtual power plant (VPP) solution, with finance provider Plenti.

This partnership will enable Qcells and their energy retail and VPP offering Arcstream, make renewable energy accessible to more Australians, allowing customers to pay back the cost of their solar battery system over the course of up to 10 years – a market first.

As increasing prices cause bill shock, and significant unexpected electricity outages shake Australian homes, the Qcells solar and battery finance partnership will empower consumers who want the flexibility of paying off their renewable energy assets over time, to future proof their home, take advantage of current technology price points, and some of the incentives available right now.

The energy crisis is resulting in bill shock for so many consumers, and the global demand for solar means that the price of solar panel and battery systems are unlikely to fall. With all of this in mind, the sooner that consumers are able to make the switch to solar with storage, the better – for their wallet and for the planet.

-Mick Fell, General Manager, and the business leader for Qcells’ Arcstream VPP-

The finance partnership with fintech lender Plenti Group Limited (Plenti), will enable homeowners to purchase Qcells’ leading battery systems including the Q.HOME CORE, both stand-alone or bundled with Qcells solar, and access the Arcstream energy plan and VPP tailor-made for battery ownership, with no upfront costs. These solutions were created to simplify the customer’s path to purchase as they look to reduce their use of fossil fuels, provide back-up power in blackouts, allow them to become more energy independent and mitigate against continued grid energy price rises.

The initial cost of solar batteries for the home can be a significant investment, but this partnership provides consumers with more options, allowing them to reap all the benefits of solar batteries now, making solar battery systems more accessible to people who are eager to make the switch today.
The financing option gives homeowners a headstart on their journey towards energy independence and allows them to quickly reduce their usage of, and dependence on, fossil fuels.

On the announcement Plenti’s Head of Renewable Energy Louis Edwards says:

Partnering with Qcells to launch this innovative finance solution is our opportunity to accelerate Australia’s renewable energy transition – allowing more Australians access to renewable energy and control over their energy bills.

When combining their finance repayments with an energy plan and VPP, consumers can consolidate their monthly energy outlays with one payment, for 100% green energy, for less than their existing electricity bill. Fell added, “This massive simplification of acquiring and managing renewable energy is key to enabling more Australians to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and insulate against a turbulent energy market.”