Qcells battery app new energy plan feature

NEW Qcells app feature – Arcstream Energy Plan integration

Jul 03 2023

If you are an Arcstream by Qcells energy plan customer, you can now see an estimate of your electricity retail bill to date at any time in your Q.OMMAND battery app. This can help you plan your energy usage for the rest of your billing cycle and may be useful for your budgeting and household planning.

On your app homepage, you will see how much of your grid electricity allowance you have used so far this billing cycle. Click on the Arcstream tile to open the Energy Plan page.

Here you can see:

1. Your billing cycle

2. Estimated grid electricity usage (updated twice per day)

3. Additional costs that you have incurred

4. Credit you have received

5. Total estimated electricity bill to date

Please note that due to the availability of data, this estimate may be up to two days behind.

Mobile app:


Web app:



Arcstream energy plans are designed and developed by Qcells Australia, exclusively for Qcells battery owners. Learn more about Arcstream by Qcells here.