Innovative Virtual Power Plants to maximise Victoria’s household solar

Innovative Virtual Power Plants to maximise Victoria’s household solar

Feb 18 2022

Solar Victoria is powering towards a clean energy future, with an innovative Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot designed to maximise the state’s booming household solar network.
VPPs are an exciting new step towards Victoria’s 50 per cent renewable energy 2030 target, enabling households with solar batteries to share their stored clean energy with fellow Victorians, while saving on their own power bills.

The latest development in the Victorian Government’s successful Solar Homes program, the two-year VPP pilot program delivered by Solar Victoria is capped at 2000 rebates. Households that sign up to the pilot prior to 30 June 2022 and install a battery will receive a rebate of $4,174, subject to eligibility criteria.
Qcells is one of five approved providers that have signed on to deliver VPPs as part of the pilot. Participants in the Arcstream 100% Green VPP delivered by Qcells will be paid VPP Bonus Credits each month for excess energy fed to the electricity grid, meaning cheaper power bills for them and increased grid reliability for everyone else.

Under the terms of the VPP contracts, the amount of energy shared, and the amount of battery power for household use, along with compensation, is agreed upon up front.

By joining Solar Victoria’s VPP pilot program, customers will receive guaranteed financial benefits and additional consumer protections not widely available in the general market.

The VPP pilot is an extension of Solar Victoria’s battery rebate program, through which, more than 8000 Victorian households have been supported to install batteries. Nearly half of those approvals, 3914, came in the last half of 2021 alone.
In addition, since the Solar Homes program was launched in 2018, more than 185,000 Victorian homes and businesses have accessed rebates to install solar panels.

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