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Why choose Qcells?

If you value quality, look no further than Qcells’ globally multi-award-winning solar technology. Feel secure knowing you’ve chosen products built for performance and efficiency.

Join thousands of happy Qcells customers across Australia (and the world) who are generating their own power and relying less on traditional energy companies.

You can choose an all-in-one solar solution with panels, inverter and battery, and energy plan, or pick and choose the elements you need to optimise your current system.


What are the benefits of a Qcells Solar Package?

No Solar


• Reliant on the grid to provide all your electricity needs
• Electricity companies dictate how much you pay
• Vulnerable to electricity price increases

Solar only


• Generate your own electricity during the day
• Move your appliance usage to daylight hours to use your solar energy
• Less reliance on electricity companies
• Less impact of electricity prices increases

Solar + Battery


• Generate your own electricity during the day
• Store your solar energy to use whenever you want during the day or night
• Little reliance on electricity companies
• Little impact of electricity price increases

Solar + Battery + Energy Plan


• Generate and store your own electricity
• Great rates from Qcells for any extra grid electricity you might need.
• Grid energy trading – Qcells will trade a small amount of your stored solar on your behalf and share any earnings back with you, for even more value.

Rest easy knowing you re among thousands of happy customers with our
4.8 star rating on Solar Quotes

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Meet Colin

“A lot  of people in Tassie do have those concerns that solar power is not for us, but we’ve saved heaps of money. We’ve been extremely happy with the Qcells system.”


– Estimated cost savings: $1,157 per year
– Estimated CO2 savings: 857.31g per year

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